TAKING OVER THE KING'S LAND - produced and directed by Gillian McIver
  Gillian McIver followed Nazir Tanbouli around with a camera from the very first day of the King's Land project, invading his artistic space and asking awkward questions. What's it about? Art and Life? Man versus beast? Man versus nature? All of the above?

nazir tanbouli




Producer director Gillian McIver
Editor Alessandro Ugo (Focal Rhythm Productions)
DoP Jaime Armengol
Additional Cameras , Binita Wilton, Stefano Battarola
Colour Grade Stefano Battarola
Music Selection, sound design and sound engineering Max Krook
Additional Interviews recorded by Adrian Shephard, Sahar Mahroomi


Massar Egbari Ana Haweit,
Massar Egbari Mrour and Adif (remix)(from the album "Eqra El Khaber" or "Read This News" massaregbari.com

Live performance by DIDJITALIS

Music Recording Engineers:
Diego Salema Reis
Williams Cumberbatch

Philosophy Rap - Benjamin Miller and Tom "Cracker" Williams
Cumbanchero - Tumbaito
Life on the Street - Afla Sakey
Dirty Dub - Rory Walker
T12BS - Rory Walker
Soul Jump - Benjamin Williams

Electronic press kit:


poster (hi res)

hi-res still (300 dpi)

low-res still

Official release date June 1 2014

Appreciation of the Project

Here is a note that Nazir found one day when he turned up to do his murals: